You can help. You can impact. You can put a smile on a face. Just Be Mo' Kind

Welcome to Be Mo' Kind!

We believe in creating a better world where people can Be Mo' Kind by building their inner strength through integrity and excellence, while serving others with kindness. 

The goal is to encourage people to help one another through acts of kindness, and to build people up so they can shine. Lending an unconditional hand, taking a stand, and having a voice is the Be Mo' Kind way. It's about doing good when no one is watching, and remaining humble when they are. 

Be Mo' Kind stands for all sentient beings in order to protect our planet and all living creatures.

At Be Mo' Kind we believe if you 'Be good, you will Feel good, and in turn Look good'.

Will you Be Mo' Kind?

Our t-shirts are for all people improving the world we live in. Our dream is for you to acknowledge other Be Mo' Kind followers wearing their shirts and instantly feel a connection to that person. Please, strike up a conversation so we can build a vast network of kind people. You can start by purchasing Be Mo' Kind gear and knowing part of your purchase will be donated to a CHARITY. 


10% of the proceeds from t-shirt sales in July will be donated to Built Tyler Tough. This is a unique situation where we feel our donation will be greatly appreciated by this young man. While traveling across the country with his parents and younger brother they were involved in a fatal accident where both parents and his younger brother didn't survive. Although the Bova family is from North Carolina, Tyler is still hospitalized undergoing multiple surgeries and therapy in Utah. 

Please contact us so we can support your favorite charity too!

It all started here...

Be Mo Kind is against any form of negativity toward another human or living being and intends to increase awareness in these areas and more.  






Hate Crimes 

Suicide Prevention 

Environmental Protection