Be Kind to Every Kind


MISSION: To spread the POWER of kindness and provide HOPE and OPPORTUNITY for others.

VISION: To give youth the opportunity to pursue their passions through creating inspirational apparel that emphasizes we are better TOGETHER when KINDER to each other.

We are passionate about creating a better world to live in by giving 10% of our sales back.

Live Kind. Do the right thing. Be a good person. Help others. Let's do this together. 

Upcoming Events:

April 23rd: Spring Fling at Ogden Tap Room, 10-4pm

April 27th: Inclusive Connections Breakfast at Genesis Block, 8-9:30am

We are always looking for more events and vendor opportunities as well as speaking engagements. Please message us if you would like to connect.



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Your Contribution

Your purchase allows us to give back to organizations, families and communities. So not only are our shirts soft and comfortable, they warm your heart and others.

Thank you for helping us have a larger impact.

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